SVG Black loading into Glowforge. Did not expand paths

Nothing wrong with this image. I’d love to know what I’m doing wrong here to make this an uncuttable file.Bottom

Loads fine here. Loads all black in my Glowforge. Says No Artwork.

I just tried to print something for a second time, reloading the SAME file I had just cut, same thing.
This doesn’t make sense. I’m thinking this may be an issue with my Glowforge, as I’ve had numerous issues with this thing constantly. Tried rebooting, and reloading the UI page.

Don’t think the UI page or preview have anything to do with the unit. Everything on your computing device or in the cloud.

After rebooting and reloading the page, I went back to the “Home” tab and uploaded the file there, it loaded fine. Via the Glowforge UI and clicking “add artwork” made it black, with the “no artwork found” error.

It loads correctly for me either way. Which browser are you using?