.svg files

I am trying to create an .svg file in illustrator from a .pdf…
I am mostly successful, but when I do it I get a clipping mask that makes it almost impossible to see my work area. Thoughts??

The GF can’t recognize masks. You’ll have to get rid of those areas in some other program prior to bringing them into the GF.

understood. any AI experts that might be able to tell me how to do it??

First off, why are you trying to convert it? The Glowforge UI will process .pdf files without issue. If you have Illustrator, just define your cut/score/engrave sequences in Illustrator and upload the document.

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It was part of a much larger file, and I took some other cuts out. Should I try re-saving it as a .pdf instead?

That worked. Much cleaner! I just figured it wouldnt like the .pdf after I messed with it.