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I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. I am on a mac, and I normally run the Glowforge app on Firefox…however, when I opened it today to cut a pair of earrings, the GFUI was all wonky. There were four pieces to my design, and on the left in the UI, it showed that all four were imported, but I could only see one on the bed. I zoomed out and the bed image completely disappeared. I couldn’t get it back without closing the browser down and starting over. But the same thing kept happening.
I’ve read that the app works best on chrome, so I downloaded and installed that. It imported my files correctly the first time…I thought. I cut them out, but they looked bigger, so I grabbed my calipers, and sure enough, they were bigger! I’ve never had an SVG file import bigger before. The file was created to be 1.33" tall, and .55" wide. They cut at 1.77" tall, and .73" wide.
Does anyone know what’s going on? Or how I can fix this? I need my files to stay exactly what I make them to be…with a few exceptions here or there.

Ok, I had a thought! And I haven’t cut out another pair yet to check…but, I think what happened on the size, was when I was using firefox, and I couldn’t see my files…I think I may have accidentally made them bigger when trying to move them, and then when I opened them in chrome, it had saved the changes I made. I deleted the file and re uploaded it into chrome, and the file looks smaller, like what it should be. I think that’s what happened.

But I still don’t know why firefox isn’t working…


Make sure your SVG has the “Responsive” setting turned off - this can cause it to be affected by stylesheet and browser settings.

Also, if you made them in Inkscape, there have been some sizing issues folks have reported as well. A search for “SVG scaling” should find some of them.

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There were some known issues with firefox that involved zoomed in/out views. Don’t know what their current statuses are, but Chrome gives the most stable performance/behavior with the GF app across all operating systems.

To head off another potential issue, please be sure to sign out of the app in either browser before opening the other one. Manually clearing the browser cache (especially if you’ve seen a potential bug) is a pretty good idea. Not necessary every time, but can save a user’s sanity when it is.

Added: And be sure to uncheck “responsive” in the save as dialog.

Good luck!


@shronimo I’m sorry for my late reply. I’m glad you have a work around for now.

I’d like to look into what happened to your design when you used Firefox. If you don’t mind, could you share the design file with me. You can either post it here, or email it to if that’s more comfortable.

Thank you.

Hey Jaz, I don’t think it was the file, but rather my computer. I have the slowest mac ever made, I’m sure. I’ve been using chrome since that happened, but when I read your comment, I went back to firefox and tried loading the same file again, and it worked fine.
Seriously, I have had so many problems with this computer since the day I bought it (my first mac and I’m never owning another after this one, I absolutely hate it).
I will still email the file and you can check it out if you want. :slight_smile:

The file. :slight_smile:

Thanks @shronimo. Let us know if you run into any other questions.