SVG parse bug with exponential format numbers

I ran into a bug yesterday, thought I’d mention it–and a fix–here in case it helps someone. I uploaded an SVG I saved from Inkscape, and noticed that a line was missing in the render. I went into the file and found the the line in question had a coordinate in exponential format–something like “2.6873e-6”, shorthand for 0.0000026873. I changed it to zero, uploaded again, and the line was there. I have no idea how common a problem this is, but it’s pretty easy to fix with a text editor: search for “e-” to find these tiny numbers and replace them with zero. (It looks like Inkscape uses exponential notation under 0.001, which is probably smaller than the Glowforge’s resolution. It also uses it for numbers above 99999999999, which is about 2.5x the circumference of the Earth in mm.) Hopefully it’s an easy fix on the server side.

(This is ticket #74185)


Thank you for letting us know. I’ve told the team (as you know from email). Please post again if you have a new question or suggestion.

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