SVGNest Alternative?

I love SVG nest, but it neverrrrr works for me. Does anyone have another thing similar?

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Unfortunately, I had the same problem. Never ever works. I just pack manually. If I get it fairly dense I just figure worrying about the waste isn’t worth the time. There’s definitely a “good enough” point that can be measured in time and money you might save by packing it a tiny bit tighter.

EDIT: Tiled clones and arrange tools in Inkscape ftw.


OMG. look what I found! Sooo much faster.

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$7.50 per export?

Seems like it’s setup for large scale commercial operations more than one-off hobbyists. You’re not likely to save $7.50 on a single job. But if you’re making that thing a hundred times then saving an extra qtr piece of material would add up.

Right, but there’s an enterprise for $150/mo. Almost like the $7.50 is to try it out. The pricing doesn’t seem hobbyist friendly.

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Fusion 360’s Slicer CAM output module (the functionality previously packaged in 123DMake) does a decent job of packing.


Oh wow! didnt see the 7.50!! Nevermind then! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like it has gone to a pay-what-you-want model.



The slider for choosing a purchase price is amazing haha. - Pay what you want is awesome. And the core packing engine is awesome.

But it only lets you add one SVG at a time, via a GUI, so it’s painfully slow to load in large numbers of files to pack and cut, which is odd since the point of the engine is to speed workflow. There’s a change submitted in github to allow multi-file drag and drop, which would make it perfect. But until he accepts that change, it’s only useful for people packing fairly small numbers of files.

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