SVGs for Fabric Facemask -- Work in Progress, would love feedback

Hey folks – if you’re interested in making a mask for yourself, or for one of the charities asking for them right now, I’ve created SVGs to cut the main panels for four different sizes – these are based on the publicly posted design at the link below, which includes assembly instructions too. To be clear, these instructions also expect that there’s an interior layer of batting that adds additional filtering, plus the elastic that fits around the ears. I’m just trying to address the main structure.

The inner line (purple) should be cut first because once the pattern is fully cut, the fabric may be blown around by the fan. Use a very light setting – I ran tests at 500/15 and 500/20. It’s only there to be a guide for future stitching and to lightly burn the size into each piece.

The outer line (colored black) is the cut line of the pattern and I recommend you cut at full power, adjusting the speed depending on what kind of fabric you’re using.

I’m better at vector work than I am at sewing, so if anyone makes one, I’d love to know how it went. Good luck.



This is cool. But I’m curious how scoring the stichline impacts the integrity of the fabric.

Same question. At 500/20 it wasn’t even strong enough for me to be able to pull the top layers of thread apart when I tried, it’s just lightly burning a line in there. The question is if it’s enough to be useful – my sewing instincts are poor, so I like having a target line to follow.


what kind of fabric is being used, Leather or something else?

I was also trying to find out what the best fabric was to use for these facemasks. Apparently, some healthcare workers are putting the DYI masks over the their ‘good ones’ (can’t remember how they’re designated).
But, also I found this;


thanks been looking for this your amazing!!!

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thanks been needing and looking for this!!!

Does the glowforge cut fabric without burning it. Would like to know before I try. It would be useful to know these things. Cause if I can use my forge to help out right now I will.

Thank you for this file! I agree with having the score line to stitch over. I didn’t do well with the sewing portion in home economics. I’m showing my age here, but that’s okay. I’m sure I can make these with the little extra help. Thank you so much and stay safe everyone!

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yes, the forge will cut the fabric I tested it at full power and 500 speed just remember to use magnets to hold the fabric down the cotton fabric I used was .011" thick.

Since sheets are made like pillowcases, you would get a lot more out of a sheet (an amazing amount from a king size!) When they say doubling the layers…are they meaning in excess of the 2 layers (outside and inside)?

I increased the size from the “size 38 or 15” neck" by just the seam allowance and it made a big change in size (but less than the next size up). The smaller size and the larger size both fit me better with the pointed up…but that may be because I am using ribbon instead of elastic. The Doctor Who one (on the right) is the larger one and just feels too big but covers a lot. The middle pic is with the pointed part down (I was having to pull it down from my eyes) and the right is with it up.

I have one similar to this…they included a LOT of sizes you could pick from. I was wondering if the pleated sizes are so popular because they can be stretched out (unpleated) to fit different face sizes? I can’t figure out whether the pointed area is on the nose or under the chin. The flat area seemed to creep up on my eyes where the other didn’t.

I need to get some made for my 80+ mom and stepdad today and get them in the mail immediately. I am uncertain which to make for them…I made ones similar to the pattern shown above and am undecided on whether to put the creased kind or these. I guess the thing I can get in the mail the quickest might be best…then I can send another style after that and whatever they will wear will be better than the bandana that doesn’t do as well.

tons of sizes (I went by neck size)

This one looks like a knit…is that the flat edge near the eyes?

Here are the instructions but they don’t suggest a 3rd layer:

Cuts quick by hand and they use ribbon

In a nutshell the patterns are very similar but this one uses ribbon instead of elastic. Seems to work good with the ribbon I have on hand, I bet grosgrain ribbon would hold better.

Comments welcome! I have only one more cut out but would like to get some in mail to my mom tonight.


Think ninja. :wink: On the nose. Also I have learned making these, if you add a dart on the end of the sides (1/2"w x (3/4" to 1"L) “V” by folding horizontal using crease as mirror line) it helps make a better seal and keeps the fabric from sliding into your eyes. You need to make a V on each layer of cotton with liner (both done together) or just cotton if you don’t have a non-woven liner in it. It does pull on the ears more but an increase of 1/2 inch to a full inch of elastic helps this, or you can print out ear savers. Hope this helps a little. (I’m not sure medical personnel will take the darted version since you have to compromise the liner a little more so ask in advance if they will take it before making that style for them.) Good luck! There is a great YT video to help with this style of mask and explains how to make them near medical grade.

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