Swiss GF Owners - Where do you buy your wood?

Hi All,

I am in Switzerland and recently got my GF Pro - I am looking at places where I can buy wood that isn’t going to catch fire. I have looked at Bau & Hobby but am unsure if that wood is safe - also if it reasonably priced?

Would love some links on where you get your accessories - wood, leather, acrylic etc!

I saw some discussions about import taxes so here is my piece - my import taxes for the pro were CHF 646.

Thank you!


Well, all wood can catch fire. The laser is burning it to engrave it or cut it. As long as the air assist fan is working you should be fine. Use a setting for something similar to what ever you buy and test it out. Always keep an eye on it when it’s operating. If you see something you don’t like just tap the white button and it will pause or open the lid and it will stop.


If you’ve got a hobby shop where model trains or dollhouses are made, they’ll have material you can use, or lumberyards that focus on finishing material (floors and cabinets rather than support beams and studs)


I would have no idea about Swiss hobby shops etc. but I do know that Finnish Baltic Birch thin plywood is about as good as you can get for basic structural stuff, and if cheap enough could easily be the go-to for all experimenting.

Alder, maple, chestnut, & walnut should be available

This isn’t targeted at the OP, I can’t offer advice.

For the rest of us - things don’t work the same in many places as they do here. There’s no explosive growth, which is why housing is so unbelievably expensive, but it also makes all raw materials difficult to obtain.

A childhood friend of mine lives just across the border in France but works in Geneva. There is virtually no access to materials like we have here, and prices are insane for what we consider regular finish grade. Online and shipped is pretty much the only option, and that’s also expensive.

Same in AUS, South Africa, etc. To some extent, even the UK. It’s so frustrating when I go there and try to get basic stuff to fix my parents’ home.

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I follow a number of German-speaking scroll- & coping-saw groups. It’s an incredibly popular past-time in the DACH countries and there are any number of local and online suppliers in the region. For use in your GF, I’d start with 3mm baltic/Finnish birch plywood as a very good match for Medium Proofgrade plywood settings.

Here’s one online source that carries lots of materials:



A quick trip to Germany may be in order.

Thanks @dwardio I was wondering where everyone buys their transfer tape that isn’t made of plastic?

I use this from Amazon:

Many of us buy from Amazon. Might be worth checking (.ch ?)

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