Switch bot

Bought a Switch Bot and built a box for it.
Right click and open audio in new tab. Dont know how else to get video to play.


Not sure of the point of posting an audio clip of the GF starting a job?

What is a “switch bot”?

it’s an mov file. Right click open in new tab and it’ll download it. Not a lot to see really but it appears to be a box with a relay in it. He hits a button in an app on his phone and the box triggers the relay which pushes the GF magic button, starting the job.

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Oh, that’ll go down well with the Facebook crowd… looking forward to all the new posts showing machines destroyed by fire!


This was literally the first thing I did when we got our machine. Not a Switch Bot, just used a 50 cent servo. Anyway, its so nice to be able to start the pew pewz from other another room.


I love my switch bot! I have some physical issues and it saves a lot of pain and effort.


Description of a Switchbot: it moves a physical protuberance that you can place on a physical switch to make it go from on to off.

All these references to things we have to click through to learn about and understand.

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I need a switch bot to replace my mouse.


Thank you

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