T Shirt Stencils: lessons learned

Second grade music night is coming up and the band asked for some custom T shirts. I scanned the site for info and here’s what worked and what didn’t:

  1. Cereal box cardboard makes excellent stencils. Cut speed 500 power 70.

  2. Don’t use Krylon easy-tack on your stencil and T because by the time the painting is finished, you’ll trash your stencil peeling it off. Glad I could just forge a few more!

  3. Amazon boxes cut beautifully at speed 180 power 60 as recommended by @Jules but don’t make good stencils for paint- too thick and hard to get the paint into narrow lines. Might work for simple shapes.

  4. I could have invested in Mylar stencil sheets, I saw them recommended at a 10 mil thickness and thought 10 millimeters? That thick?! but a little research educated me that plastic sheeting is rated with mil is a measurement that equals one-thousandth of an inch, or 0.001 inch. If anyone has recommended settings for this material please post!


haha–very cute! And thanks for the advice!

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Chuckle! I’m afraid to ask…cute project! :smile: