T-shirts, bleach, fabric paints, and freezer paper

Made my niece shirts. She is a gymnast and feeling valentines inspired.

Made the stencils with freezer paper. Then used an iron to affix to shirts. Used bleach on the single heart shirt and spray fabric paints on the other 2. Definitely a learning curve. Can see areas the paint bleed and I t took 6 shirts to get 3 I like enough to gift.


I’ve seen the bleach before, but not the fabric paint. Looks sharp! Any tips on fighting the bleed? I’d like to try this in the near future.


I love the upside down shirt design for handstands—very cute idea!


Do light coats. The spray paint didn’t show up well on dark colored shirts which I then tried heavier coats and got the bleeding. I had no bleeding on the white shirt as if barely needed any paint to coat. Use light coats. I was using tilulip brand aresol “Color ahoy” fabric spray paint which came out really fast. Next time I will try the Tulip hand pump kind of spray paint.

I used a spray adhessive and adhered the freezer paper glossy side up. Then after glowforge (500/5) I weeded our what I wanted to paint. Then I used an iron with the card stock to get the freezer paper to stick. I just bought some paint on fabric paint to try.


The shirts look great! Thank you for taking the time to share.

Also, I see cake! Happy GF Forum anniversary!!

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