Table/workbench auto-plan-creating website (Incite-focus) has posted a number videos about a maker space called incite-focus that focuses on building systems that help people build stuff.

An amazing thing they just covered is a website they have that will let you input the dimensions of a workbench and it will output files to create it.

The website is:

I believe they use a shop-bot to cut their table elements, and as I don’t have my glowforge yet I’m not completely sure how easy it will be to use their plans, but it sure does look promising!!

More pictures (and source code!) can be found on their GitHub:

P.S. the video interviews with the group are at:


Those look like nice tables. :slightly_smiling_face:

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While the surfaces would certainly have to be cut on something else, the legs and the surface supports seem like might be able to be cut on glowforge-pro - particularly given that the design tool lets you set the thickness of the material.

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For something designed to hold weight of any kind though, the height limitation on the passthrough slot is probably going to make multiple layers necessary. (I’d be concerned supporting that much weight on 1/4" thick legs without doubling and tripling it up.)

That looks like pretty thick wood supporting the table.

Still looks like it would make cool tables for CNC, and a lot of guys here have those.


@Jules said:

I’d be concerned supporting that much weight on 1/4" thick legs without doubling and tripling it up

Agreed, thats a good point!

Given the output is a 2d file (dxf), and its mostly assembled with bolts, I wonder if a simple double print of a design for 1/2 thickness printed with 1/4 material would work (… well, at least partially increasing strength)

(The number one reason I’m excited about this system is for making a bench fit-for-purpose for the glow forge!)


Great find! I’ve built several things in this style and they work great for light to medium duty tables. This script should be a good head start for the next one.

@Jules is right that 1/4 is not enough for load bearing but laminating Baltic birch into thicker parts is easy .


Well if nothing else, you’ll be able to print the designs onto paper, glue them on your wood stock and take a jigsaw to them.