Tables center pieces

My granddaughter asked if I would make center pieces for her wedding. I said yes figuring I could design one and just duplicate it for all the tables. She then told me she wanted a different theme for each table and gave me her list. With me me being in MA and the wedding taking place in Texas I decided the all must be able to be disassembled to lay flat for shipping. Here are the first two designs. I left off the registered characters and just loaded the basic designs.

IMG_1065 IMG_1062

Here are the basic files

Base Linking%20Base%20Blank

The circular one is thick draft board and the square one is medium basswood ply
Dropbox links to files below


awesome idea


These are great!

I’m sure your granddaughter will love them.


Kewl! :sunglasses:


Nice job!

They’re really cute. Thanks for sharing!

Nice work and generous of you to share.