Tablet stand with 15 degree lean, designed for 1/8" Baltic birch


No fancy features to this stand, just 15 degrees of lean and a front to back depth of about 3.75". I made it to hold an ancient iPad that I use sometimes, hence the curve to the cradle. Newer, thinner tablets will fit as long as they aren’t more than about 7.5" tall in landscape mode.

It’s ugly, but it works!

15 degree iPad tablet stand for .128 (1.8 KB)

This should press-fit together if you cut it from 1/8" Baltic birch plywood. My Pro cut settings were speed 190, power Full. YMMV.


Definitely not ugly! I’m borrowing it to make a cookbook stand for daughter in law. Thanks!


There’s a lot of room to decorate. :grinning:


Nice Job


Looks nice! Thank you for sharing your file.


Looks nice. I made something similar to charge and hold my phone and ipad.


Another nice one! :grinning:


Very nice!


I modified my ipad stand so I can use it for netflix while it is charging! Please excuse the dirty screen.