Talking Boards

Hello fellow glowforgers! My first post here. I haven’t had my Glowforge very long and this is my first real finished project with it. I’ve had a fascination with talking boards for some time so now I’ve created my own design on them.

Some of them I made with the acrylic, and I was able to do cool things with those like make them glow in the dark. However, I find the acrylic scratches very easily and that the wood seems to be the best option for them. Here is a link to a video showing the different samples and the glow


Very nice! I’m doing one for Halloween too. I like your art work. :grinning:

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Awesome! I would love to see it when you have it finished!

Oh, mine starts with the basic Ouija layout, just personalized a little. Nothing I was considering showing off. :smile:

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Excellent job! I hope you get good answers. :wink:

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Ohhh this is fantastic! I kinda covet it :smiley:

Thanks for sharing!

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Wow! Great looking board!

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Really beautiful work, can’t wait to see more!

Acrylic is my favorite medium, but scratching is a downside. Have you experimented with matte acrylic? I love the finish of it and scratching isn’t such an issue. It’s my go-to material. :slight_smile:

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Great art with the ravens.

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It’s gonna be so cool though :slight_smile:

Thank you! I love the acrylic and I wish it wasn’t so easy to scratch. I did try the frosted acrylic and I love it. I think that is one of the acrylic materials I will keep using it. I didn’t get a proper picture because it sold but I did make one with the frosted plexi and sprayed the engraving black before removing the masking. It’s the third one in this video here:

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Hello @jaydita,
You inspired me to make a Ouija-style board! I made this mic stand sign for a friend’s band (Grampadrew and The Gut Strings). It’s made for the band’s October gigs.

I printed this on Proofgrade Medium Maple Plywood. The images were purchased on Etsy and CreativeMarket. In total, less than $20 in supplies. The face is my friend Drew’s. I grabbed it from a picture and ran it through Adobe Capture.

I got a bit too heavy with the paint (and it leaked past some of the masking), but I think a bit of leakage adds charm. :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the inspiration!


The boards posted to Instagram are too cool. I love how they look in all the different materials!

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@rebecca That is an absolutely gorgeous board! I love it! Going to be so cool to see them on the Mic stands! :smiley:

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I missed the show on Friday, but my friend did post a pic. It was fun to engrave my friend’s eyes on to the board. I used Adobe Capture to grab them from a picture.

I like using medium Proofgrade woods for mic stand signs. Not only is the wood beautiful, but it’s also light. It would probably be bad if the sign tipped over the stand. But, then again, that’s rock and roll. :upside_down_face:


Perfect! I love it! <3

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