Tandy Leather Clearance Sale


Includes a few nice looking veg options, and a good way to spend a few hundred on leather.

This includes a few Studio Sides and a Double Shoulder.

I’d be interested in a user evaluation of the potential issues with the Pandora Soft Tanned Side and the Pigskin Suede. Sadly, the goatskin is chrome tanned, and they openly state that.


I just sent them an email to see if that pigskin suede is veg tanned. It looks great, but guess we gotta find out first.

I had to stop by the Tandy store anyway, so I asked a few questions. The pigskin is chrome.

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Dangit. It was a great deal and great colors.

Hmm word is that lightweight chrome-tanned can be cut (in other threads). That suede is really thin…