Tandy Leather New Product just the right size for a glowforge


In their Feb 22 email Tandy added some veg tanned finished leather squares (22"X17"). They are 3 to 4 oz (1.2mm to 1.4mm). Sounds custom made for the glowforge. And they have purple! (our local school colors).



Awesome. Nice find!

Edit: Ordered the turquoise. Shipping to Canada was $15 which wasn’t terrible. It’s not cheap material but it will make an awesome lasered notebook cover for my daughters birthday.


omg, I just had a Dirk Gently experience. I never knew there was laserable purple leather, and now I don’t think I can live without it:



OMG, I love Dirk even more than THHGTTG!


Don’t show my wife the turquoise one!

But seriously they look super smooth and like they would be very fun to work with.


Ooh. Excellent. Thanks!


Yep - they come in all sorts of colors…


Tandy describes these as being “aniline finished.” Which means…

Originally, the dyes used for this process were synthesized from aniline through chemical reactions.[citation needed] These dyes used to be called ‘aniline dyes’ or ‘tar dyes’.[citation needed] In modern times, the dyes used are subject to laws and regulations in many countries, and the use of certain azo compounds is prohibited in the European Union as there are reasons to assume health risks.

I wonder if that should be a worry?


That is insanely expensive for a couple square feet of leather. One of the reasons I don’t buy my leather from Tandy. I suppose if someone would want these for a one-off project go for it!


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The coolest thing about aniline dyes is that in the 1930s Bayer was testing new dyes on rabbits and the rabbits (which basically die with any infection) all got sick with some bacteria that rushed through the lab. The control group rapidly died, while the intervention group (getting fed dyes for toxicity trials) almost died and then survived. Someone was smart enough to pick up on this and started investigating it. Shortly after this the CEO’s daughter got pneumonia (back then mostly fatal) and they decided to give her the dye. It almost killed her, but she survived, and they rapidly researched this which became the first Sulfa drug antibiotic.

Would want to laser it, but for UTIs and MRSA infections, I prescribe Bactrum (sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim) almost every day, 80 years later…


I remember memorizing this as a kid.


My mom used to tell it to us as kids. It seems to have stuck! :smile:


The only allergic reaction of my life was from a sulfa based cream I used (was prescribed) on an abrasion of road rash. Localized on the wound, but blistering and a terrible itch.

Great story of the dye, and discovery.:+1:


reminds me of:

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or a very similar one:

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Check out Maverick Leather Company (www.maverickleathercompany.com). I bought a whole side of leather (23 sq ft), 4 oz, for about $85. Comes rolled up and it great! They run weekly specials on their Instagram page too!


You can bet your chaps I bookmarked that one, nice find!


Bookmarked, thanks for the link.


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No cows, but I’ve always loved it.