Tape the box


Thought the delivery flood gates would have broken open by now, but seems that the roaring trickle has slowed like the flow of molasses on a frigid winter day. The enthusiasm generated by new or relatively unheard of posters to this forum has diminished lately.

Tape the bottom of the boxes, kick some UPS butt, and ship those Glowforges. :glowforge::sunglasses:


I knew I was tempting fate when I finished my frame/table… seems like every time I start preparing something comes up :man_facepalming:


I just got word today that mine shipped & should be here by the end of the week! CHIN UP!


They’re still rolling. :slight_smile: I just saw the new boxes - they’re smaller and easier to carry (but protect their contents even better). I think folks will be happy!


That’s so great! Easier to transport (even when I don’t know exactly how to take it to Chile yet :sweat_smile:)


Continuous improvement. That’s what Glowforge has been all about thru this long process. Can’t wait to receive mime :sunglasses:.


@dan I don’t know if it was a new box but I got mine last week 6/22 and barely a scratch on it…thanks for the safe guards…sturdy stuff. Gloucester Massachusetts.


Um, don’t you have a 787?


Now THAT’s a serious Special Delivery!!! :airplane:


Just sayin’ if you are flying something that can lift hundreds of thousands of pounds, seems a GF can get slipped in there…

My son who flies gliders (working on his power quals) worries about the weight of his water bottle, since every pound counts… (@rodrigobrionesm you’d appreciate this flight from the weekend in the Blanik, since he has his nose down in the pic and was still climbing furiously due to high lift, and ultimately had to deploy full airbrakes to get a descent rate - probably not a problem you often face in your planes)


Not really, when I go nose down, it goes down (and fast :grin: )

My only issue is how to handle the box on my own, that’s why a smaller box is so nice. I think I’ll add wheels to it :slightly_smiling_face:


I flew the RF 4C and we put a bunch of stuff up in the nose above the cameras, but I think that given the size of the Glowforge ->> it just wouldn’t fit. Those were the days. :glowforge::sunglasses::airplane:


And your coordination display HUD is probably more sophisticated than that piece of green yarn and tape… Although that works remarkably well. But since max airspeed is below your takeoff speed…


Oh man I miss so much my old single prop years. I must recover that rating :innocent:

(And that yarn is the best instrument you’ll have on a glider)


Looks like a YawString. :wink:


Sure it is! :wink:


Sometimes it is, the new wing designs are so clean and efficient that increase the rate of descent or reduce speed is harder than before.