Tarot card holders

So finally getting around to posting some of my tarot card boxes and holders. Unfortunately like a “fool” I forgot to take good photos of them before I sold them all…they are made from 1/4 inch and I like the feel of the weight when taking off the top cover. They hold most decks, and actually have a commission for one to hold uno cards. Here are some bad screen shots.enjoy.


Cool idea! The inlays are a great touch.


Yeah, saw those in the other thread…awesome! :grinning:

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They actually arent inlayed…I just stained with the masking on…it was a little tricky I’ll tell ya what😳.


Nice. I didn’t see those coming.


They look good!

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I see great things in your future.


These look great. I’m in the middle of a project using these cards too, as I wanted to color them. Not finished yet though…

This is bloody gorgeous. I desperately want to make tarot boxes for my decks and just really suck at understanding box making software. If you ever decide to sell these files or make them available let me know. I will give you all my money lol.

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The boxes seem to be based on “two piece box” design from Festi boxes. This should get you the basic skeleton of boxes.

The “art” of the boxes in this thread would have to be added after.

Thanks you thank you. They are pretty fun. As stoli wrote…it is one from boxes.ply. Just changed some of the dimensions to the card sizes I needed. I’ve sold a few from my Instagram and craft fairs. Mostly do custom order for them since everyone has their favorite card. Just experiment and I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. Im actually going to try and do some crystal inlays on the next one…should be interesting.:blush:

I am definitely going to give that box maker a tray. I love the lift out nature of it and so rarely see that for tarot boxes. I love the idea of crystal inlays and think it will look amazing. Please post the outcome I would love to see it! :slight_smile:

May I ask you a question about the box creator? I am having trouble figuring out how the tab settings work. I cant quite figure out which setting actually changes the length and shape of the tabs. Width of finger holes just seems to change the depth of the tab not the width and I am not sure in mm what setting for [width of tabs holding the parts in place in mm] would create a reasonable sized tab. Alas as easy as these box creators are to most I still find them terribly confusing lol.

I honestly dont get it myself most of the times🙃. And I haven’t ever messed around with the tab settings. Just used the settings as they are… I just change the size and thickness of the wood I use. Guess the best I can say is play around, experiment and have fun. It’s all a learning experience

I haven’t played with the tab settings either. The most important settings are the overall size you want ( and whether it is an inside or outside measurement), the thickness of your material, and the kerf.

The default tab settings have always been good for me. I have seen some nice modifications performed post svg creation in Inkscape or other vector editor. But I’d suggest that you just make some test boxes first. Make them small to avoid wasting material.

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