Tax purposes

There has been some question in old previous threads about an invoice for tax purposes on shipping and customs, mostly from non US.

But I’m in USA and tax filing time just started, and I need to file asap. I need something to show i bought the GF with personal funds last year for a writeoff on my paperwork im filing.

Has your legal/accounting people settled on an answer yet? Can something be provided relatively quick her for tax fing time?

I’m sure someone at Glowforge will answer sometime, but I was wondering if you could use a printout or statement from your bank, credit card…or whatever you used to fund the Glowforge, as proof of payment / date, etc.?

FYI: I would bet that you have a better chance of receiving an answer to this type of question if you send an email or at least putting the topic in the "Problems and Support category and directing the post at Bailey. The GF staff is likely only skimming this board given that thousands of posts occur every month.


In Canada here, and I’m in the same boat… wanting to know about an invoice for tax write-off purposes.

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