TeaBox trial

Hi GF family. Time has flown since getting my Pro in Feb this year, but finally able to make something real. Issue is getting the right panels in Western Australia! :yawning_face:
Using the original Medium Draftboard that came with the GF, I’ve made this tea box. Boy it keeps it all tidy. Painted the box once I assembled it, then the panels went on.
I am a leather worker fulltime so looking forward to working on the leathers I have been trying out, especially the Vegie dyed kangaroo.
Found a supplier here and now setting out to try their panels.
Until next time….


This is gorgeous! The cutouts are such a nice design and your colour choice is awesome, I really love the hinge as well. :smiley:


It’s lovely, and matches your kitchen tile perfectly!


So pretty and organized!!

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That is really pretty and nice! I just keep all of my teabags in a glass jar. I really like this.

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Nicely done box!

Jealous, kangaroo leather is niiiiiiice! Please post your experiments.


Very nice. Can’t wait to see what you do with the kangaroo leather. I tried kangaroo at a restaurant in Sidney once. Yummy

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I didn’t know you could eat it!! I didn’t know kangaroos could be used for anything other than zoo attractions until a 4 or 5 years ago when my husband bought a pair of green kangaroo leather shoes in Japan.

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Beautiful with your tile. Love the lid!

ill be sure to do that. thanks