Teacher Appreciation Week - Day 1

It’s my favorite week of the year! At my daughter’s elementary school each teacher has at least one parent volunteer/liaison. I volunteer for the music teacher. Last year I made her a little gift each day of the week and took it into school early so I could leave it as a surprise. This year the Glowforge is on the scene so I’m able to kick my creativity up several notches! It’s been so much fun.
For Monday’s gift I wanted to do flowers, and my PLAN was to engrave a small vase. To date I’ve only put flat items in the GF so I wasn’t aware of my depth limitations, even with the crumb tray removed. The little milk bottle vase I bought was about 1/2" too deep so I went with plan “B”…plain vase with tulips a little PG maple tag.


Ah, I had this exact same idea. Nice!

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Oh, what a lovely idea! (Great choice for a music teacher too!) :grinning:

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Yep! That works and looks great! It’s good to spoil the music teacher—keep it up!

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Lovely! Also, very thoughtful!

What a wonderful way to celebrate your daughter’s music teacher. Thanks for sharing!