Teacher Appreciation Week - Day 5

I got a bit fancy for my Friday gift to the school’s music teacher. I wanted to try my hand at making an edge-lit acrylic sign, and while Glowforge makes it ridiculously easy to do the engrave and cut on PG clear acrylic, it took every ounce of my Inkscape knowledge (plus a lot of Google searches) to create the right sized shape (an oval merged with a rectangle), get the text to curve on the paths (it REALLY didn’t want to!) and get rid of the white background on the school mascot jpg. It was, however, a great learning experience and I think the end result is not too shabby (although in hindsight I realize I should have cleaned off all the fingerprints before snapping the pic!)
If you’re wondering, it’s “Whitemarsh Elementary School” and their mascot is “William the Lion”.


I like it. This is on my list too.

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Lucky teacher!

You hit a lot of the highlights of digital design literacy making this. Good job.