Teacher Gifts and Cookie boxes

So, I’ve been slowly giving my Glowforge a try. I am a bit obsessed with boxes. So, Idecided to make personalized boxes for my teacher gifts and small cube boxes for a cookie exchange. I think they turned out all right. My staining and finishing skills definitely need improvement though. I also think cutting the star put in the small boxes and putting a glitter background would have been cuter but I was short on time.


I like the finish. Can you talk about your process?

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Very nice! They should love them. :grinning:

Lucky teachers. Thanks for sharing.

Look great to me.

Yes, of course. For design, I got inspired but something I saw on etsy. I just used the case maker site to get the initial laser cut designs. Then, I added a cut line on all the sides as well as inserts to put in to the top to secure the box together. I used a 1/8 inch Baltic Birch. I bought it off Amazon and, frankly, it was really great quality. I sanded them down a bit and then used a gel stain on them. I probably should have sealed them but skipped that step. I then cut them and glued them together. Left them to set for a day. Then, I used a mineral oil to shine them up a bit. Overall, it was simple and easy - just a lot to do at once.


Verrrrrry nice! I like the look of the engraving against that dark stain.

The boxes look great! Your obsession is paying off. I bet the teachers loved the personalized gifts.

They just got them today. So, we shall see!

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Nice work. Looks great!

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I can say as the husband of a third grade teacher. Those gifts are waaaaaaaaaaaay above average. A+!


My daughter is in third grade. So, good news! I also did one for the staff with the school’s logo and tagline on it. Didn’t get a picture though.