Teacup Holster

Yes, I said a teacup holster. Tea dueling is a thing, who knew? Anyway, I designed this one for Burning Man. All the bars require you to bring your own cup.

I pretty much winged the design in illustrator. I didn’t bother to cut a mock-up and just went for it. I had to recut the straps as they were about an inch or so too long. Overall it worked really well. The next version can be refined a bit but this one is perfectly functional.

This shows the detail of the edge stitching and belt loop.



Nice holster! (Like how you adapted it for a teacup handle too. Never heard of tea dueling. Do you drink it or throw it at each other?) :smile:


Beautiful cup. Beautiful holster. Will you be gifting these? I admit to being ignorant of what goes on at Burning Man, but I understand gifting is one of the 10 principles.


This is way cool! Will you have a really fast draw with that cup? :wink:


I won’t be gifting them. There is always the possibility of making one or two for a special gift. I make postcards to gift.

I do print runs of 1000 cards and the first year I made packs of four cards - 1000 packs. Two years ago I did five designs so 1200 packs. Last year I went to eight cards. I decided that 2000 packs are too many. I can give out about 1200 any given year.

I hand out every pack. I don’t just leave a pile sitting there. It is a lot of fun and I meet a lot of people. It’s always great when I run into people that got cards a previous year.

These are the cards from last year.


It is about the biscuit rather than the draw. That doesn’t mean you can’t pack in style. :wink:

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I’ve heard of gunpowder tea, but this is ridiculous!


Well, now I have learned something for the day, and may safely retire. :smile:
(I couldn’t be a tea dueller, I prefer lemon. That probably wouldn’t go well with the biscuit.)

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Very nice looking piece

Great leather work and a really beautiful cup. My mother collected mustache cups, now I have another option :slight_smile:

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That is gorgeous!

What a thing!!! Now you need a little lip for your teaspoon…


That’s a new one for me. Now I’ll have to find a suitable one with saucer.

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Since I was winging it for the design I decided not to add the teaspoon on the first go. I think I might try cutting two slits on the horizontal strap so it will form a loop for the spoon.


Great idea!

Ha! I just love this! Thank you for sharing this!

Very nice! Love the cross stitching. Such a beautiful cup and saucer deserve a nice secure lodging.

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This is beautiful…I use one one of those red plastic mugs with the ‘leak proof” lid at BM … you are definitely prompting me to up my game…definitely. You must go by camp diy…they get up to some great stuff

…I’m planning on bringing a tiny letterpress printer with paper and a bunch of antique blocks but I plan on setting up with camp diy … hopefully with the ability to design on something vector on a tablet…and get the diy gut to carve the blocks on the fly with his cnc router…then crank away