Teal Lite

I am trying to connect a brand new replacement printer. I get the teal lite and get a message saying your glowforge is connected, but it doesn’t go to the next step and the teal lite is still on

After the :glowforge: connects to the WiFi you then need to reconnect to your own WiFi and then go to app.glowforge.com.

Possibly this video will help?


I already have the app open. It doesn’t ask me for a password.

You need to connect to your home wifi now, and if you don’t have a password for your home wifi bypass the question. Did you watch the video?

Yes I watched the video ( 3) times just to make sure I got it correct. It simply doesn’t get to the next screen.
I can go to the GF app and my old printer it there, but i can’t add a printer in the app either.

When I go to connect, I click on join a network. I enter the wifi password and it goes to another screen that says connect your wifi! It’s already connected and it just freezes on that screen.
I didn’t have this problem when I setup my first printer.

Be sure you have selected the replacement glowforge (upper right corner) and not the one you had…

That is the problem! The new printer doesn’t show up in the GF app, so I can’t select it.

Problem fixed!!!
I wound up hving to move the new machine almost 6’ closer to where my router is. For some reason, this new machine will not work where my other one did. This will be a huge pain in the ass if the new machine will only work where it’s currently sitting.

It turned out that I had to move the new machine 6’ closer to where the router is to get it to connect.
Once that was done it finished the connection process.
Now that I have it connected, I am going to try to move the machine back to where the other one was and see if it will work.
There should be no reason I can think of why one machine will work and the new machine will not when it’s sitting in the same place.


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Glad. it’s working!!

Hi @swmisher. I’m sorry to hear that you ran into some trouble with your new Glowforge connecting to your Wi-Fi network. I received your email, and voicemail as well, and saw you recently posted in this thread. I’ll go ahead and close the other threads to avoid any potential confusion.

I also wanted to check in with you to see if you were running into any other trouble. If you’re set up now and okay printing, feel free to let me know. Thank you!

I have it running now!

Hi again. That’s awesome to hear, and thank you for following up. I’ll go ahead and close this thread, and feel free to reach out if you run into any other trouble. Happy printing!