Teal Perpetual Calendar with Basswood


This was made from Proofgrade Thick Teal Acrylic and Basswood. The design was a freebie from Boss Laser … although … I had a lot of corrections and changes. I prefer circles to squares around the dates. They had “29” for one of the “28’s”, Added the “30 & 31” under the “23 and 24” moved up the lower slots … added a strip to slightly tip the teal piece back a bit. Saving a few circles of Basswood to cover numbers as needed for end of month dates. Applied white acrylic paint to engraves prior to removing the masking.

My sister was looking at a house with her daughter-in-law last month … as she started to descend an outdoor staircase from the 2nd story … the stringer collapsed and she fell directly down. She has multiple fractures in both feet, knees, and vertebrae. Three weeks in a trauma hospital, two surgeries later, metal pins and plates added … she is finally in a rehab facility. (One more surgery to go in a few months). Needless to say, she has had trouble knowing what day it is. So, this is for her.


On no. So sorry to hear about your sister’s fall. So glad to read that she is recovering. What a sweet, thoughtful gift for her.

This design looks so great in teal. I like your redesign. I am sure your sister will love it.


Thank you for your kind words … teal is my favorite color … and l think the light color of the Basswood really sets it off.


Did you paint each of the engraves? The color of the letters and of the wood look really nice together.

Happy cake day!!


Yikes … yes, acrylic paint used before removing the masking.


Oh no! What a terrible thing to have happen, I’m glad she’s finally on the mend. :frowning:


Glad she’s fine and getting better. Wonderful project and gift and Happy Cake Day!


Ohmygosh, shocking thing to happen to your sister! I hope she has much better days ahead. I really like that calendar–you did a great job on it!

Oh, and happy cakeday!




The calendar is very nice, but I hate the reason it is useful to your sister. What a terrible accident. I hope she will have a complete recovery after rehab and surgeries.


Love how this looks! The colors really work well together.