Team logo bottle opener

There’s something really satisfying about being able to customize things like this.


Looks great and even lined up correctly. :wink:


Like magic in action!


Yes, being able to whip something out on a whim with the accuracy of computer numeric control is new in my universe, and so cool to have at my disposal!

So is that bottle opener just anodized aluminum?

Yes. Sorry, I should have included the link.. I ordered a bunch of anodized stuff from Amazon but those were the only ones that showed up quickly. I also got some business card blanks yesterday: I ran a brief test and it looks great, but it was late and I didn’t get a picture. These dog tags should be there when I get home. I’m going to be generating a lot of tchotchkes…


Isn’t it great!

Hey, quick note… I just did an aluminum keychain for my boss last week and I was pretty surprised the air assist blew it just a hair right as it started to engrave so it was slightly off. The air must have caught it at exactly the right angle for just a second. Who knew the air assist was so strong. I saw it happen, but it was too late to abort. Anyway, lesson learned… I’m going to tape them down from now on.


Yeah, I’m very lazy when it comes to fixturing. Nitto tape and magnets have been very helpful.

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