Tear in wire for laser head

I was conducting routine maintenance on my machine and found this tiny tear in the laser head wire. I’m super concerned because it doesn’t look like an easy fix. I do have another machine on order for a minute now so that’s good but I don’t want this machine out of service. I need both.

Does anyone have any experience with this and possibly having to switch this out?

The cable shows an exposed piece of flat copper wire on the right where the cable folds over when connected to the laser head.

Thanks in aadvance.

The cable can not be user replaced. The damage is likely caused by the ribbon rubbing on the black metal guard… If it were me I might carefully place a 1" piece of clear kapton tape over the exposed area. The worse thing that could happen is it fails, which it will soon do without attention.


I did that very thing just now.

However, I found a new problem the black attic pulley cover that the belt goes over (on the right side if you’re facing machine) just came off and looks like it’s cracking. Man, horrible timing on these issues.

That metal strip above the ribbon, I would inspect the right edge of it for a sharp edge. The edge on mine felt crisp so I removed it and smoothed that edge.

Hello @jv1840 I’m very sorry to hear you’ve run into this trouble.

As @rpegg mentioned that cable is not a field replaceable part. To get that fixed for you our next step would be to go ahead and replace your printer. Please let me know if you’d like to proceed in that direction.

Regarding the pulley you found, it sounds like that’s this pulley I’ve shown below is that correct?

I’ll follow up with next steps once we hear back from you!

That is correct for the pulley. It’s just the plastic casing.

What is the cost of replacing the machine?

I do have another one purchased and I am awaiting arrival of that one. I need that machine super badly right now. Anyway to get that new machine expedited? It should be shipping any day now. I am possibly going to buy a third one to have on hand and then I’ll wait to see what you respond as far as replacing this one with the wire. Thanks a ton.


Hi @jv1840. Thanks for getting back to us after Mike’s response to your post. I went ahead and emailed you to confirm some information to help you with the replacement process for your Glowforge with this damaged printer head cable and pulley. When you have a moment, can you confirm that you have received my email? Once received, we can continue the discussion through email and I’ll leave this thread open until you can confirm it has been received. Thanks!

Hi, I received this email n the initial email only.

Thank you for updating us! Just in case, I’ve resent Brandons Last response directly via email. If you do not receive it, please update this thread, and we’ll follow up with the next best steps.

Hi @jv1840. It looks like you were able to get Mark and my emails created to help you with the rest of this process. I’ll go ahead and close this thread so we can continue the discussion through email. Thanks!