Tearful night 😢 (Passthrough fail)

Ok, need to vent…total passthrough alignment FAIL. And tons of wasted material ($) and time. I actually broke down in tears (& I am NOT a crier.) This was a project for some good friends/clients that were really counting on me.

For my last passthrough project, even though the image on my screen didn’t look totally aligned, I trusted the machine and it came out perfect. But the project before that, no luck (& again, lots of wasted material).

How/why does this happen? One side of the circle is almost aligned, while the other is WAY off. I don’t have a saw/tool or any way to try to salvage the cut. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for listening! Don’t think there’s any solution…just needed to vent.


I hate when that happens. My older machine had a very hard time with this. I have a huge pile of wasted parts as a result. My refirb does better but I try to avoid using passthrough due to all the disappointment and ruined projects I have had.

If you search the forum, there are tips on how to tip the odds in your favor. Most of them work. Flat is very important. clean optics also key. consistent lighting and stay to the left if you can.


Looking at your image it looks like the piece was rotated slightly when being slid forward. I know somewhere on here is a pattern for a guideline…but I didn’t bookmark it because I don’t have a passthrough!

Might be worth digging around for it.


Thank you ~ I was fastidious about making sure the side of the wood was fully against the side of the crumb tray so it was definitely not rotated (a 70” or so piece of wood with a straight edge going all the way through the machine). My machine is fully functioning in every other way, so I think it was just poor alignment by the pass through camera for some reason. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Have you run the camera calibration routine?

I am not certain that it would prevent this but it uses the head camera, as does the passthrough alignment.

It won’t help you now, but I put ‘+’ marks outside the cut area but also align to the edge of the tray, which you did (I use the right side.)

The only issue I’ve had is that it skips the first pass of engraves as it resumes the next step, the laser does not fire even though the head moves as expected. It’s 100% repeatable and was reported even before the passthrough went live, but never addressed. Leaves a visible gap in the engrave. It’s not an alignment issue because (again) the head makes a pass over that area, just does not fire on the first pass. I generally have pre-painted material for pass-thru engraves, and you can hear when the laser burns thru it.


Thank you ~ I’ll run the calibration. :+1:t3: I had recently done a smaller passthrough project and it worked like a charm. But the one before that was another disaster. The inconsistency is what baffles me(?)

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