Teaser: ready for assembly

Just to show you a sneak preview of what I’ve been working on the last few weeks.
I’m finally done cutting and cleaning:

When I’ve assembled the 30+ items I will post the end result.

For now: happy guessing :wink:


Very Intriguing. It looks like a machine of some sort.


Looks like Music Boxes

hmmm - with the yellow acrylic, the clear acrylic, the Led and what looks like cam locks of some sort or a rotary hinge…

That’s easy to guess, it’s a combination Mouse / Rat Trap-Tape Player to prevent another Black Plague in Europe.

The mouse / rat skampers up, listens to classic music, falls asleep then the device explodes like the tape player in Mission Impossible. Voila, no more mouse / rat! :slight_smile:

AND, since it is a self destructive device, you have to make MANY of them. And, since you have a GlowForge, you can make a Ka-Billion of them easily.


I was gonna guess music boxes and @PFI-Guy beat me to it.

Automatic turkey basters! Just in time for Thanksgiving!

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30+ Gom Jabbar


I see a battery housing, a clear LED to signal and light up (perhaps edge lit?) the yellow acrylic, and what appears to be two 3 layered articulating latches.
A puzzle box of some sort…?


It looks to me like someone has been working hard and isn’t quite finished.

A display box for something.

Looks like the front will have the yellow acrylic with a word? that ends in “X”? It’s at a harsh angle so maybe it is part of a logo. The wood is for the 2 hinges for the top to open and close. The top has a slot for the led to be inserted into to edge light something probably. Clear acrylic is for supporting the led and battery?

Beyond that I can’t narrow it down.

Does not matter what it is.

DO NOT take it through a TSA line. Just sayin…


Fear is the mind-killer…


Yes. Some type of light cube or light matrix. Intriguing.

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tiny little turntables, for tiny little DJs.


Tiny DJ Turntables OMFG!!! Best yet!

Oh. My. Gawwwwww. D. !!!
Are those built on mint tins? :star_struck:

Rube Goldberg type mouse trap is also the first thing that came to mind for me

I’ve posted my write-up here: Custom-made christmas box
This is the end result: