Tech Husband, Crafty Wife

Hey everyone! I just wanted to see if there were other crafty women who are stoked to start creating with the Glowforge


Okay so I accidentally hit post. What I was going to say was if there were any other crafty ladies that are excited to get the Glowforge. I already have a huge Pinterest board of projects that I can’t wait to do. (@dan do you need me to pin to your Pinterest board? You only have 250 pins total :wink: ) my husband is excited to make stuff but I am so excited to craft!


Actually, my wife uses our current laser more then I do, and totally excited about what she will be able to do with the GlowForge… Would you be willing to share your Pinterest board?

One of the things I’m most excited about with the Glowforge is that my wife will be able to make stuff, too. She has neither the time nor the inclination to master some complicated new software, but being able to buy and print from the catalog, or make simple designs in programs she already knows is going to be amazing.

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Awesome! @edyer4 let me introduce you to my cofounder @Tony who runs our pinterest board. :smile:

My GF inspiration Pinterest board is massive and growing, lol! My husband and I both have a lot of ideas - his are mostly for his current business and mine are for projects and crafts I can make and sell at local arts and barter fairs, as well as partnering with one or two small local businesses. Right now I’m absolutely obsessed with wooden gear clocks and geeky jewelry.

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Hi, my name is Heidi and I am a Glowforge addict. Everyday, I am reading this community forum and scouring the Internet for new information. This will be my first laser cutter. I too have started a Pinterest board and I follow the Glowforge board. I will be using the Glowforge with an all female Maker’s club at the local high school where I teach. I hoping to have my girls design and make things to sell at local craft fairs and around campus. All the profits will go back into the club so we can buy more materials, make more things and add more girls to the club. I will probably have a little side business for myself as well. I am hoping someone will start members-only Glowforge Facebook group to share ideas and help solve problems–I would be happy to help, but I do not have the time to be in charge.


That’s awesome, Heidi! I hope we can keep a lot of the great discussion here - I’m not able to participate on a bunch of different locations, but if there’s great discussion here, I’ll be watching (and my colleagues too). If you need a topic header that isn’t provided, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

@Whitfry, @dominicwgv, can you post links to your pinterest boards here?

Here’s the link to mine. It’s just an inspiration board so far, so there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Some things are projects I’d like to try, some are just images or bits of typography that play into projects I’m thinking about or that inspire me.

Hey ya’ll! I’m one of the founders at Glowforge (my background is software UI design, but I’m also a bit of a woodworker, leatheworker, artist, and more).

I’m also our resident Pinterest nut… I have a board here of all of the things that are laser inspiring:

It’s been really cool to see the ideas on this board!


Can I see your Pinterest board? Would be great to see 'em posted here.

Still building, but we’ve got plenty on here to keep us busy for at least a while!

I decided to get a Glowforge because I didn’t spend enough time on Pinterest already…

Looks like @Tony has started what should become a sticky once it is filled with boards:

can we get all the owner boards together there?
I feel like your request to meet other female glowforge creators has been hijacked…

I’m the resident laser expert here-- my background is mostly in visual art, but I was laser trained in the makerspace/hackerspace gauntlet. I have to say, I tend to think that “techy” and “crafty” are one and the same thing. I’m especially amazed at people who are really good with sewing machines-- they’re really complicated!


Here is a link to my pinterest board! I can’t want to start designing some files to etch out!

@Whitfry Love your board Whitney! @Tony Yours too! I love how the pins are so varied! Tony My husband is excited to get back into leather working! hopeully we will be able to get all the supplies shipped to Japan! So excited!

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Crafty one here! I love crafting and some light workbench “stuff.” I have experience with graphic design and technology.

I don’t know everything I probably need to; but, I am confident that I can figure it out.

I’m so excited!


I think it would be great to start a laser ladies group at some point. :smile: Maybe once the units have shipped we can set something up.


I can’t wait to get my hands on mine! I have so many ideas in my head waiting to come out and expand my current business. Feel like a little kid again waiting for that big gift from Santa :smile: I research a laser before and they just didn’t seem simple enough to quickly integrate into my business without learning new software. Excited!

Never thought to look on pinterest, oh my I am addicted now! I need to set up a board asap!!! :smile:

-Marie - techie, geek, crafty mom :wink:

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I like crafting too. I sew, have my Silhouette Cameo Plotter and a scroll saw. I like working with wood, fabrik, paper and leather. I am very excited to work with acrylic glass and I cannot think of all the possibilities that tumble in my mind.
All the SVG Cutfiles and other Cutfiles I bought for my Cameo can all be used… [screaaaam]. I think I will use the time of waiting for my GF in introducing myself in 3-D-grafik-programms

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