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one a customer calls at least 50 times with in a week you might be leave someone would return a call but glow forge all they are concerned about is making money in sell prem programs now for which was free when we bought are machines

Do you have an actual question you’d like help with?


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Glowforge support personnel do not monitor this forum so you are only addressing other Glowforge users. We will be happy to provide assistance gleaned from our experience, but you must tell us what your problem is.


Welcome to the community. What would you like help with?

There is nothing that was free when you bought your machine that later became a paid “premium” feature. They have never done that. They also don’t take phone calls for support issues, so email them or submit a ticket through the support link on any page of this site.


I think everyone gets a free trial of premium as a new owner, then it expires unless you subscribe. You don’t have to subscribe to use the machine.
It’s likely the community here could help you if you would say what your problem is.


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