Technical support is not responding to my emails/ Crumb tray not displaying on Dashboard

I have sent 2 service tickets now about an issue with my Glowforge. The fan is not working due to condensation from high humidity getting into the machine. I need to probably replace the fan but again no-one is getting back to me. Hoping someone from support sees this!

Also, just purchased a new Glowfoge Plus and the camera is not displaying the crumb tray.
Anyone have insight on this issue.

Unfortunately that’s not going to happen. They don’t monitor this forum anymore.


Great, how the heck are you supposed to get ahold of them if they aren’t responding to support tickets?! Luckily I found a fan I could put on the outside but not having luck finding a replacement for the main exhaust fan.

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Sorry you’re having problems. If you emailed support, that’s the only way to get help from them. Did you receive an automated response from them? If so, they will be in touch soon…they aren’t known for their speedy response time, but the support they offer will be excellent. If you didn’t receive an automated response, it means they didn’t get your email. You didn’t say how long ago you contacted them. They don’t offer replacements for the large exhaust fan that goes out the back. Sounds like you might be using an inline fan in which case I don’t think you’ll need to replace the fan inside, but someone more knowledgeable than I will likely chime in about this. Is your machine running with only the inline fan? Sorry, but I have no ideas about the other part of your problem with your new machine.


The new machine somehow fixed itself.

The older machine is working with the additional fan. I have seen other posts where people have replaced the exhaust fan so that’s why I was asking about it.

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