Teeny text testing


I think @Jules and @henryhbk have already covered the microscopic size text pretty well but here’s some that’s just teeny yet still legible with the naked eye. :slight_smile: The letters in this text have 1mm stroke height. That’s a broken tip X-acto knife for scale. I ran this test as a sample for my dad who makes jewelry. Most of his product replicates fire and police badges and incorporate the text as well. Looks like this is pretty close to being able to produce prototype models for lost wax casting in gold and silver!


Can’t tell if you’re really really excited tonight, or really really bored. :wink:
Either way, keep it up!



Naw, these are all yesterday’s projects that I got started, and finished them up today.

I should really get a job. Running outta money and laser supplies.


I’ve found that having a job seems to really impede my laser time. On the other hand it does assist me in blowing hundreds of dollars a month on materials, so…

Hey, what material is the above? That just acrylic?


Yep, that’s PG Medium blue acrylic.


Genuinely laughed out loud.


Never tried to burn out acrylic…:no_mouth:


Needs a :banana: for scale.


Maybe a grain of rice would at least fit in the picture…


I don’t have any scale bananas but that’s an X-acto knife with a busted tip in the shot… I think we’re all familiar with the busted X-acto scale. :smiley:


I didn’t realize what that was. It’s even more impressive than I first thought.


I just edited the top post to identify the X-acto. Guess I coulda done that when I first posted. :smiley:


Well, the “1mm stroke height” should have tipped me off but I somehow completely missed that.


Yeah, I thought they were scissors at first and was unimpressed. Now that I know what it is… I’m impressed