Telecaster control plates

As of today I have negative talent, one guitar, and one bass. It’s amazing what you get for your money these days in the low-end stuff. The Squier Affinity Telecaster HH was $180 new and the Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar Special bass was $250 used.

(The black box back there is a musician’s PA with a high-Z input, so that’s my amp. Not as cool as a real Fender amp but it’s adequate.)

Control plates and pickguards have tons of laser possibilities! I want the Telecaster pickguard to be a ska checkerboard. I need to vectorize that shape.


double check which file you use for your pickguard template. there are two base styles (5 hole and 8 hole). since yours is an actual fender, it should be the legit shape. since we were buying blanks on ebay, it seems their pickguards are a little different (probably an IP thing?), so to make a custom one i had to mess around quite a bit to get the shapes/holes lined up properly.

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Funny thing… 4 guitars and 2 amps here. Do I play guitar? NOPE! I mean… I can play a few chords in the first position… but THAT’S IT! Granted, 3 of ‘em are my kids’ guitars. But, still… ONE’S MINE! And I don’t even play! I DO play piano though. So the 4 keyboards we have are actually mine. And those I DO play. :slight_smile:


i wish i could play piano. i am a one-rhythm-at-a-time kind of musician.

pulled out the 12-string last weekend. wanted to learn wish you were here for a memorial gig for our guitar player who passed away a few weeks ago.

a) my fingers are bleeding (or at least it feels like they are). i have zero calluses left.

b) snapped a string tuning it back up again. restringing 6 strings is annoying, 12-strings is a nightmare.

c) can’t get rid of the buzzing (didn’t have that before the string snapped).

starting to think, “yeah, i should just be singing on this one.”

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Ya know… That’s one of the amazing things about musical instruments. If you’re a physically-abled person, and in many cases even if you’re not completely physically-abled, you can learn at any time! People young and old CAN make music. So don’t wish you can play piano. PLAY PIANO. Get yourself a cheap Casio and do it! :slight_smile:

Very Sorry to hear about your guitar player!

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there really is a thing about multiple rhythms and playing piano. i took class piano as a freshman in college (required course for voice majors). i was bad, really bad. one hand at a time. simple chords. that’s it. can’t really play drums for the same reason (christ, four different things happening? nope!)

i learned that i’m a one rhythm at a time guy. i can sing and play guitar if the guitar rhythm is the same one as the vocal rhythm. same with all the random noisemakers i have (shaker, block, cowbell).

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I have no idea how drummers do it. I’m with you on that one. I mean… Yes… I can play something on my left hand that’s different than my right. And my right foot can handle the damper pedal. And, yes… Sometimes I also use my left foot to trigger a switch or something while I’m playing. But all of those things, to me, are fluid. They’re really one thing to me. I don’t know how else to explain it. I suppose it’s similar to one hand fingering and the other hand strumming a guitar… Sure, they’re independent motions, but they’re also sort of one. (I’m aware how dumb I just sounded.)

Now… Wanna see something that’ll make your single-limb mind explode?

I think this guy must have independent control over each lobe of his brain. That’s the only answer. The only answer, I tell you! He’s simultaneously playing acoustic, slide, AND slapping a rhythm. HOW?!


Unfortunately I’m tone deaf.

But trying to learn the bagpipes :smiley:


we have a bagpiper who walks the nearby neighborhoods playing every weekend. if you walk out to the street, he’ll stop and play for you for a bit. it’s a nice diversion. and just about the right amount of bagpipe listening at any one time for me.


I wanna learn pipes but even a beginners set is pricey. There’s one cheap set and watching reviews confirms just how cheap they are.

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Start with a good chanter first. A good chanter isn’t that much more than a cheap chanter. Then once you get the scales under your belt and can make recognizable music from that, you can add a bag & pipes. They’re really not very different than a laser - the note is either on (sounding) or not. You don’t have the traditional methods of different breath patterns to transition between notes and create variations on the intensity. You’re doing it all through your fingering and sliding the note from one to another.

Fortunately I did not do well with traditional instruments so it’s not as hard for me to wrap my head around the theory. My kids are different :slight_smile: