Template to laser file

Is it possible to place a template in the glowforge and have it scanned into the files? I bought a template that i use to make wallets, but I have to cut the pieces out by hand. For several reasons I would like to get this template into my glowforge files by placing the template in the Glowforge and having it scanned in.

The “trace” function of the machine is designs for copying artwork (such as simple kids sketches or hand-written phrases) to be engraved onto designs. It’s not an accurate way to try and copy something like a cut template.

The way to do that would be to use another scanning method - a scanner, or a clear photograph - and clean that up in a design app for loading to the Glowforge dashboard.


Thank you very much for replying. And there isn’t a way to “scan” with the glowforge itself?

You can, using the trace feature, as I said above - but it’s not suitable for tracing designs like that. It’s only for copying simple sketches.

To expand further, you would probably find less accuracy of the trace the farther the design is from the lid camera, using Glowforge’s auto trace. That’s because the actual image is a very distorted fisheye photo that the Glowforge software de-warps so it looks straight when you view it. For something like a leather cutting template that requires good accuracy, it’s unlikely that you would get good enough results.

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