Temporary Adhesives

That’s why I was asking. I thought it would be benign, but was checking with others to make sure it was safe. I wasn’t sure whether the A vs C made a difference. Just being overly cautious.

I mean, you obviously wouldn’t want to huff the fumes coming out of the exhaust, but it won’t hurt the machine.


thanks! that is what I wanted to hear.


According to the SDS sheet from Aleene’s, Tack it Over & Over is Propylene Glycol. There is nothing on the SDS that makes me think this is an issue. If there is a chemist out there that knows differently, please speak up.
Thanks for all your input. Mags

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I got the go ahead back from the Aleene’s chemist. And I used it yesterday and it worked great. It will be a good alternative for the winter months or for those who don’t want to use the Krylon spray.


Good on you for following up with the company for an official answer.

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