Temporary solution for broken wheel guide?

Is there a temporary solution for a broken wheel guide???


I have seen people mention super gluing the wheel back together but it is not something i have tried myself and cant tell you for sure if it would work as a temp fix. If it was me tho that is what i would try assuming i have all the pieces.


I have has several super glue fixes that have lasted for a long long time.
If it is there and working, the desire to tear it all down and stick the ‘new’ chunk in gets diminished.

Back to this. Not sure what you are referring to as a wheel guide since the wheels roll on the gantry lip. Has the wheel itself separated?

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I’m so sorry to hear that you’re running into trouble with one of the wheels on your Carriage Plate. There is not a temporary solution to this snag, but I see that you’ve emailed us directly. I’ll follow up directly via email, and close this thread.