Tension Problem

So I cannot get enough tension on my belt. It’s possible I stripped it??? I can loosen it up again and then tighten it again, but it tightens to a certain extent. It’s not tight enough and Im unsure how else to tighten it. Any suggestions?

The belt need to be very tight and the screw that holds it in place also, and perhaps more so.

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Yes, I’ve done it before. For some reason I cannot get it tight enough. Imagine to bolt just keeps spinning but nothing is happening. Im unsure if thats what is actually happening. But I spent 5 hours trying to tighten it and it wouldn’t get any tighter. Its not hard to keep turning it but the belt is not getting any tighter.

This is how tight it should be - is yours significantly looser than this?

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Yes. I can’t get it any tighter. See my comment above.

When the belt is off - does your screw tighten? If not, it’s likely the thing it tightens into has gotten loose. Can you take photos of that area?


ooh! I’ll give that a try.

According to Glowforge Chat Support, Im not pushing my pulley far enough right. But it literally wont budge any further. Working the problem some more.

Good luck-I hope you get it fixed!

Thank you!

A staff member will get here shortly - it’s probably worth taking photos of the area and your belt (like the gif) so they can see what’s up.

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Thank you, I did reach out to Glowforge Support. They are replacing the pulley wheel. Hoping that works!

Ah - you reached out to support by posting here - opening duplicate tickets slows down their overall process. Next time just do one or the other, not both.

and Yay for fixes.

Oh, had no idea this also opens a ticket. I thought it was just a place to reach out to other owners for help.

I reached out to support via chat for assistance as well.

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No problem - almost everyone does it once :slight_smile:



Hi there! I’m just swinging by here to close the loop as we’ve been able to get in touch via your other ticket so we can get this all taken care of.

I’m going to close this topic but feel free to get back in touch if there’s anything else we can do to help!

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