Tension pulley wont go back in

I cant screw the tension pulley back in for some reason ? i don’t even feel a spot inside the slot for it to screw into

The pulley screws into a metal plate that sits inside of the rail. When you tighten it, you’re basically sandwiching the rail between that plate and the pulley wheel. That’s why you can loosen it and slide it left or right to adjust the belt tension – because that metal plate isn’t attached to the rail, so you’re sliding it left and right by moving the pulley wheel left and right.

If you fully unscrew that post, there’s nothing keeping the plate where it needs to be over the holes through the rail. You’ll need to put your camera on selfie mode and slide your phone under there, or a mirror, to find the plate and move it back over to where it needs to be to screw the pulley back in.

You can see the metal plate I’m talking about at 2:30 in this video, if you look through the openings in the rail:


Thanks I did watch that video before posting this. Some how the screw hole slid over and was not in the right area I moved it and it is all back together now Thank you


Awesome, glad to hear it’s back together!

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