Tequila Bar Entry

Finally secured my Tequila bar with some doors, an arch and some signage. I templated the arch and miter in plywood on the GF and used that as a template to cut and shape the wood. Used the GF to cut out my letters and Agave pattern for the signs.


Beautiful work. I particularly like the agave, very understated and effective.

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OK. Which tequilas?

here are a few…



Have you tried Chinaco? I particularly enjoy their anejo.

Yep. I like Chinaco as well. I think I even have a bottle in my bar. My favorite tequila is San Matias Gran Reserve. Silky smooth and rich with some nice oaky tones. Lately been dipping into and really enjoying some Mezcals. A little smokier and more complex but the good ones are really good. If you want to try a good one I recommend Mission Cielo Reposado (don’t think they have an anejo)

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Depends on the Chinaco. Older Chinaco-- the stuff made by the Gonzalez folk-- was epic. Then it went through a bit of a dark time, but the newer stuff is amazing.

Speaking of the Gonzalez family, if you like Chinaco, you really should grab some T1 and/or Tears of Llorna. Amazing stuff, especially if you like scotch.

I see Fortaleza. Absolutely fantastic tequila made in a beautiful OLD old OLD distillery in Tequila. Most recently, Fortaleza has released still strength blancos that are spectacular!!!

If you can find it, grab some Ocho, Tapatio, G4, Terralta, Pasote, El Tesoro, and/or Art de NOM 1579. All made by the legendary Camarena family (which, btw, is not the same as the Camarena tequila, which is pretty mediocre). All stellar in their own unique ways!!

And, of course, if you ever find yourself in the Bay Area, head to Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant. It is the best tequila bar in the world (no, really-- this isn’t opinion… it truly is).

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that looks great!

I’ve been helping a friend launch a mezcal brand and we should get our first pallet of bottles from Oaxaca around the end of the month.

i only wish i liked mezcal… sigh

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Heh. I’m a huge fan of tequilas. Have been to many distilleries. Tasted-- and love-- many well made kinds. Can’t stand what is happening with brands like Casamigos, Herradura, and a number of others these days.

Love the Mezcal story, love the people involved. The lore. The artistry. The small batch nature. Can’t stand the juice!

Agree. I picked up some Casa Amigos and it was HORRIBLE. Now I’m stuck with 3 bottles. Tasted like I imagine perfume might taste. Actually a few of the bottles in my bar are ones I didn’t really like and hence they are waiting to be used in some margaritas. Most of the stuff I like doesn’t hang around too long. Some of the best bottles I have had were names I had never heard of that my father-in-law brought up from Guadalajara. My wife is from there and we have been to Tequila for tastings and tours and had a blast.

from what i understand after working on the mezcal, mexico is just chock full of little family tequila distilleries and mezcaleros. tons of stuff that would never see the light of day outside of their little locales. we’re getting our liquid from a smaller, multi-generation, family-owned distillery.

Might as well continue to derail this thread further from the totally awesome GF work that started it.


Very nice. A gentleman should have a well-stocked liquor cabinet.

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This room looks AMAZING! OMG You need to try Califino on ice. Even better than 1942.