Terms of Service on ipad

FYI, your new TOS that has to be agreed to before proceeding, doesn’t work correctly in Chrome on iPad. It requires you to agree to the terms of service but you can’t see all of what you are agreeing to, and it doesn’t scroll.


We aren’t seeing the same thing over here yet – would you mind sharing your ipad and iOS version?


iOS 13.6.1 (17G80)

Chrome 83.0.4103.88

Thanks! We’ll look deeper. Do you have another device you can use for the acceptance in the meantime – a laptop or even your phone?

Check adblockers or other items? I’ve had them mess with weird things on iOS before.


Oh certainly!

No ad blockers by the way.

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There are some things in the TOS that were concerning. Considering there is no way to use the glowforge if you cannot access the service is app there were a bunch of ways to get kicked off the app in the TOS. I’m concerned

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