Terms of Service- What happens when Lawyers get involved

It appears that using the Glowforge service to create something like a knife handle would be a violation of the terms of service.

Did anyone else come up with any other ridiculous things in the terms of service?

I guess I’ll keep my K40 around for the illegal stuff…


Link and quote?

Yah, I should have screen-shot it.
The general statement was that creating a device to harm humans or animals was a violation of the terms of service.

Tongue in cheek. A baseball bat, a belt too small, or snarky wit can all harm humans. Thinking intent is implied.


Yes, intent was a part of the statement.
Stabbing is harming, so if you are making something other than a kitchen knife, you may be in violation.

Section 9.2: use the Service to design or manufacture any dangerous or illegal material, or in any way that may cause physical harm to a person or animal or damage any property;

I’m not an English professor but those are exclusive and independent statements.

Use the service to design or manufacturer any dangerous or illegal material.

Or use the service in any way that may cause physical harm to a person or animal or damage any property.

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Dangerous has a legal definition that includes intent, or the intended use upon designing.

I just made cupcake toppers that could poke an eye out. OR did I make eye-poker-outers that could put put on top of cupcakes? Only I know their true intent! BWA ha ha ha haaaaaaa!!!


Right! If you are a secret agent anything becomes a weapon!


But now that you have posted about it, you lost that battle already…


Crap. :frowning:


This makes me think of this, essentially everything is dangerous. The language is attempting to alleviate GF if you DO make something that harms someone. On purpose.


It’s all CYA language, so in case anyone of you is a psychopath and makes instruments of torture or something, because it goes through the cloud, they could be considered liable…


Lawyers have made a good living off of defining the vanishing fraction of guilt.

ie. A knife handle isn’t responsible for a knife injury, it was the blade and handle combined as a whole.


How do you use the service to “design” anything? It isn’t in any way a design tool.

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Sure it is, and it’s getting better and better with every release! By this time next month we probably won’t even want Photoshop any more. One way you can design is by combining multiple documents into one design. Stick a circle and a rectangle together and you’ve just designed a medievil mace (but you can tell the authorities it’s a big lolly-pop :lollipop: to get away with it!).

Oh no, now I want :candy:! My favorite candy is Reese’s Pieces.


Some of my other favorite candies are Score, Twix, and Oreos. Wait, Oreos are more of a cookie than a candy… but shouldn’t Twix be a cookie too? Another kind of cookie is oatmeal raisin, but those aren’t my favorite. :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:


I take that to be CYA on Glowforge’s part, so the family of somebody strangled with an Augmented Robotic Manipulator can’t sue Glowforge.


XOR FTW! :japanese_ogre: Love logic :grin:

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