Terrible customer service. Still no email after being told it was sent twice

Told I was sent an email 6 days ago to get a replacement part and still no email. This is the second time and going on 3 weeks+. No way to reply to the staff member directly either. Topic keeps getting closed before any resolution. This is terrible customer service.

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Check your spam folder, it may have got sent there instead

I understand your frustration, but if you start an email thread with support, then also post here in Problems & Support, you’ve created duplicate support tickets. (The pinned post at the top of the P&S section contains this information.) They will always close the forum thread in order to eliminate duplicates. It’s not terrible customer service, it’s necessary in order for them to be able to keep the support ticket queue working efficiently.

If you’re not receiving their emails there’s a problem on your end or with your mail server – that’s also not terrible customer service, since it’s not anything they have control over. You’ve let them know now that you’re not getting your emails, so they’ll be along soon to help get the issue resolved. :slight_smile:

There is an email even on this forum interface here. Why not use that?
Yes I have checked the spam in my Gmail account.
So I don’t think it is on my end. They don’t seem to follow up on any way either.

I even sent the first staff member a message directly on here about not receiving the email the first time and they never replied to that. This is why I consider it terrible customer service.

I’m not sure what you mean. Yes, you can receive forum notifications via email, but that’s a function of the Discourse forum software, which doesn’t have any bearing on whether Support emails are reaching you.

If they said they sent you email, then they sent you email. So something happened to the email between their server and your computer. Now that you’ve let them know that by posting here, they’ll be able to find a way around the problem. It’s Sunday, though, so you may need to be patient until business hours tomorrow.

They’re not likely to have seen it. Staff doesn’t generally monitor the forum, even DMs. The only messages they see here are the ones in this section.

They shouldn’t have it available if they don’t utilize it. I have received emails from them in my Gmail. And you can’t reply to them at all.

Emailing from the forum is exactly the same as just emailing directly. I’m not sure what you think would be different about using the forum function; it just adds an extra step to the process.

The forum is for the community, not for the staff. It’s OURS. For our convenience they’ve set it up so that posting in this part of it can insert a ticket in their support queue, but they’re busy enough trying to handle the support load that I’m not sure how they’d manage if they were expected to also keep up with the rest of the forum.


I expect to be able to have a dialogue with them and that is not possible if they don’t answer their emails from on here and you can’t reply to them when they close a topic and there is no way to call them. How is that good customer service?

I don’t think you really understand how email works. It’s like if someone mails you a letter – there are a lot of things that can go wrong between them mailing it and you receiving it. The same applies to emails. I know it’s frustrating, but it’s not the sender’s fault if the post office loses your mail.

You have now let them know that their email didn’t reach you, using a communication method they’ve provided for us to use that WILL reach them, once they’re back at work. Now you need to wait until they see your message here, and they will address your problem.

I’m going to bow out now, because it’s obviously not doing any good at all for me to try to help you understand how the system works; it seems like you just want to be angry, and I can’t fix that. Sorry!


Go ahead because I do understand how it works. I tried responding to their email that I recurved thru the discourse and it gets kicked back because they closed the topic. I DMd them they the discourse because I could do it from my email or the topic. So they should have received that but not response. So when I said I didn’t receive the first one maybe they should have tried a different route if the issue want them the first time. Instead they just repeated what they did. I don’t know how you were going to help anyways. The problem here is they don’t have an adequate way to have a dialogue with them about issues. This is going on a month long issue

What replacement part are you waiting for?

They say it’s something wrong with the right pulley but I’m not sure what part exactly cause that’s the email I have been waiting on.

They know these things. They’ve been around since 2015. It’s the aggravating talking.

Email support directly. support@glowforge.com
Start there without using the forums. If you get an automated response your emails can get through and just use the reply to function when support responds. It also keep all of us from being invited to be helpful.


Note the parenthetical part.


Support@glowforge.com :slight_smile:


Great googly-moogly!


I’m so sorry that you aren’t receiving our emails, and the delay this has caused in getting your replacement part to you.

I’m going to try to reach you through another channel, and I’ll leave this ticket open until we can confirm we’re able to connect.

Thank you for your patience while we worked on this issue for you, spenix7303! It seems we’ve resolved this issue, so I’m going to close this topic.