Tesselating Patterns -- still going

You may remember a while back when I posted tesselating patterns and when I put together some actual products using the designs. I’ve had a chance to keep moving forward – I got invited to participate in a local charity art show, and am building up some inventory.
So… I’ve been busy.

But also, I’ve been working on improvements to the original shadowbox design. The Mk 4 mounts to the wall:

It also uses PETG for the fill instead of paper, a clear material I highly recommend for lasering. It’s cheap, MUCH thinner than acrylic but still pretty strong, and quickly laserable (though be advised, if you engrave it you’re going to need multiple passes at light and quick).

I’ve also found a cheap supplier of RGB remote control LEDs that give my finished products some fun:

(and in case the video doesn’t work):

In addition, you may notice that I’ve been working on improving the application of some of the patterns.

Given that I had to do all of this at my local makerspace in 2 hour increments with 1.5 hour round trips, I can not WAIT until I have my Glowforge to do it at home.


Very nice. Did you sand the edges any before staining to clean them up a bit. Like how you did the tab widths. That’s a lot of detail work.


Nice stack of product! Good Luck!

(I spy some finished steel with an edge behind your boxes… what is it?)


I must confess I’m always looking for the lazy way out – I stained the plywood before sticking it in the laser. I turned up the power a bit to compensate, but since the stain was pretty dark, even the smoke stains didn’t show up (I like to avoid the tape and peel routine if I can avoid it, too.) The tabs did come out a little looser than usual, but since I glue the thing together in the end anyway, didn’t matter much.


Oh, that would be my nerd wall, seen here all lit up:

The “steel” is my Buffy scythe. The body is aluminum, but the blade is actually 3d printed and spray painted.


I’m at work. You just made me say out loud… “WOW.”


Cool! The light sabres are great!