Tesselations Made Real

Hey all, you may have seen my post in free laser designs about automatically tesselating laser patterns. Well, I finally put some of those into real products and am starting to offer them in an online store!


I’m running it through squarespace, where I had set up my website to sell my novel a few months ago. So I’ll keep everyone in the loop as to my experience – but if anyone else has used squarespace for commerce, I’d love to hear about your experiences too!

This post is meant as sharing, not promotion, since I see most of you as colleagues; so I hope this isn’t upsetting anyone or violating forum policy. If it is, I will gladly take it down.


Beautiful work!! And congratulations on the store!!


Nice. Let us know what you like/dislike about squarespace. Still between that and shopify…


The images you posted here (from the design software) were FAR better than the ones on your site. Maybe include those?

I am trying to put my finger on what I don’t like about the images of the actual product. I think you need a softer light. Aim for a high class nightclub (from the noir detective movie style) level of dark foreground with soft back light.

May not be the light, but just something about the leaves. Your conceptual was green on green, and the real image is a kind of hand-painted green on white. Any way to laser clear and green acrylic, then press fit them together?

Don’t take this as bashing. They look great. They just don’t make me immediately reach for my wallet, and I think they should be able to.


My eye see’s it as not having negative-space in the Objects design. Not enough Contrast.


Love your designs. Hope the store works out for you.

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Cool man thanks for sharing. Since you took the time, i’d love to return the favor with some helpful feedback.

The good:
You picked a good template to work from, the website design is trendy and clean looking. It also scales well with decent responsive design. You also have a nice looking finished product, and a few options to scroll through that are easy to get to. All good stuff.

The not so good:
The name is way too long and complicated for a store in my opinion, I would consider shortening it. You want something people can quickly remember and spell.
You need to color correct your images, you’ve cropped them but didn’t knock out the backgrounds, so you’ve got an offwhite wall in yellowish light on a pure white background. The result is a dirty looking picture with poor detail and white balance.

Great start and cool design either way. Cheers!


I agree that it would look better if you color corrected the images. I, too, manage to often get my cutting grid into photos, and think that while it looks great for process shots, it is not so great for a final/showcase photo: it distracts from the product, and that is a shame because the product itself looks great.

And hey, over 170 hits in just a day… I bet that beats your first paid Facebook boost

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I appreciate the feedback from everyone – I actually intentionally included the cutting mat to try and give a sense of scale, but there are other ways I can do that in the future. TBH, at this point I think I’m primarily selling to friends and family, but these are all good lessons for when I launch a larger format store next year once I have the GF in hand.