Test cut


3/4" red oak, 100(4ipm)/full(100%)

57 second cut, focus at the surface.

Seems power dwindled towards the end (cut left to right) Counter intuitive because according to the grain, the left where the grain is tighter should be where it is harder…?
Anyway, no problem cutting a solid 1/2" of hardwood.
Interesting to see where the laser ‘dips’ into the softer grain. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit; This is a prerelease unit, and for all I know it might be equipped with a hot (pro) tube.


Nice! Makes me want to buy a slab of hardwood to test. (Putting the speed first is going to take some getting used to.)


Nice test. Interesting result.
Also, Red Oaks is a great show for anybody who really has strong memories of the 1980’s.