Test materials

Can someone point me in the direction on how to test material I see templates out there have no idea how to work the settings on manua

2nd question if I wanted to engrave an image on acrylic but also score the details like the outline to make it sharper how do you go about that. I have silloute business I have adobe I and I have procreate

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Read this to understand the basics of manually setting your own speed/power/lpi on materials.

The basic idea is to do a series of small cuts or engraves making adjustments until you find the correct setting for your material. Usually, it is best to start with a setting close to a Proofgrade material similar to what you want to test and then make small adjustments. You can use one of the templates, or just make your own with a few small circles or squares that you assign different colors so that you can set different speed/power settings for each one.