Test prints

Running some test prints just to get a better feel for my GF.

I engraved this photo of our Neapolitan Mastiff, Napoleon, on dry erase board.

The eagle is on Birch plywood.


I really like the mastiff one. Very different looking, in a good way. :grinning:

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Napoleon is absolutely adorable!

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Thank you. he was a very special boy, we lost him a week before Christmas. You can see more of him and the pack at
https://www.instagram.com/ozark1/. Please check it out, we are really proud of them all.

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Gosh I’m so sorry to hear that. Your pack is beautiful, makes me wish I could be a guardian of one, but I think my cats would object.


I see your in Columbia… I’m just south of Joplin.

Well hello fellow Missourian! :slight_smile:

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Howdy. I’m discovering more and more of us here.

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Nice. Interesting look on the dry erase.

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