Test topic, now favorite candies

Just a test of some discourse stuff.

Who can ignore a post that says to ignore? Well not me.


Well, this has some precedent, but the old test topic I had was closed ages ago…


We could talk about restaurants, but then again, delta has made restaurants a little fraught.

Maybe favorite candies?

I have a massive sweet tooth, so I’ll go first:

Snickers, salted caramels, pure maple candy, sugar babies, even a good cherry blowpop.


i always loved tootsie rolls - wonder if I can engrave em

I guess I brought this upon myself.
Hell is having a connoisseurs taste in sweets but also being diabetic.
I’d kill for a scoop of BR Rocky road and a scoop of chocolate fudge on a sugar cone.

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I like reeses pieces, anything produced by kinder, and the long obsolete Nestle Alpine White. And Haribo gummy bears and Swedish fish.

I used to love skittles…until they changed the green to apple. My favorite skittle was the lime. So I don’t buy them anymore.

Sounds sticky/melty. You should check the ingredients list first, they could be hazardous-have been known to yank out a filling or two… :sweat_smile::rofl:


But do you like UK choccy bars? What about Galaxy?

for me, caramel and/or peanut butter are key.

reeces peanut butter cups (the little ones)
peanut or peanut butter M&Ms

I feel your pain, @markevans36301. I too have a sweet tooth and diabetes. It is a curse, I tell you, a curse!

Ever seen the caramel peanut butter cups? They may have been a limited time thing, and they were outstanding.

A crime against humanity. They were amazing.


i don’t think i saw them.


Dunno if they exist anymore. A shame.

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i’ll keep an eye out, just in case.

i will say, when the white chocolate ones first came out, i was addicted to them. but then i burned out.

but my current addiction is peanut butter m&ms.

Omg peanut butter m&ms are awesome. Have you tried the brownie ones? Outrageous.

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maybe? they had a cocoa taste, didn’t they? but i haven’t seen them in a long time.

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I can’t have a favorite because I haven’t gotten to test every single candy - yet. I really hoped that I would outgrow my sweet tooth, but I now realize it will last until my dying day.

Currently in my treat cupboard are peanut butter m&ms, vanilla tootsie rolls and Enstrom almond toffee (small Colorado company). I like cheap candy, expensive candy and everything in between. Lime skittles should be brought back immediately.


Ick. I love the fruit tootsies except the vanilla ones. Those get tossed right away. I’ve been known to cull them from a bag before starting on the other good ones. That way when I grab a handful and start unwrapping without looking, I’m not surprised by one of the 'nillas.

I did work with a woman once who loved the vanilla ones so I’d give her a bag of those after cleaning them out of the bag of keepers for me. She’s left the company so they get trashed again now.


When I was a kid (we’re talking more than 50 years ago), I was hooked on candy lipstick in the penny candy aisle. It had a particular flavor and texture that I loved, but they changed the formula about 40 years ago and I’ve never found anything since that had the same as what I liked. If I could go back in time I’d get a wheelbarrow full of those.


Snickers, Reese’s peanut butter cups, pretzel M&M’s. Yeah, the fudge M&M’s are good too.

A good homemade fudge is probably my favorite, though.

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